Hate small talk? We do too.

Stop playing 20 questions. Build rapport instantly with anyone you meet, in person or online.

How it works

Create a profile

Create a profile of your interests, shows you're watching, experiences and passions. The more you fill out the more commonalities (and better conversations) you'll have with people!

Share your profile

Share your Commonthread ID on social media, dating apps, email signatures or via QR code in real life!

Explore Others

When you click on someone's ID or vice versa you both only see what you have in common so you can ditch the small talk and get right into interesting conversations!

Augue eget

One profile to rule them all

Why make profiles on every single app you use? Why not just create and maintain one? Then, share it on every app you use.

Perfect for:

Dating AppsTired of the same boring conversations? Instantly know what you have in common with the other person and use that as the perfect pickup line… “This may sound too soon, but I think I just Winterfell for you.”WorkNo more trust falls. Build rapport with your team even if they are remote. See everyone on your team and what you have in common with each person to facilitate bonding and community instantly without a bunch of day-long ‘team building’ events.MeetupsIncrease meetup attendance by making a Commonthread group. No one wants to meet a bunch of random strangers and make trivial small talk. Now you can show everyone in your meetup what they have in common with others to make friendships on day one.

Et leo duis

Only see what you have in common with others

Your right to privacy shouldn't get in the way of being able to connect with others and express yourself. With Commonthread, you only see what you have in common with each other.

Put a face person to a name.

Connect more with your customers by sharing your Commonthread on your About Us, your Email Signature, heck even your OnlyFans.

Other use cases of Commonthread:

  • Weddings

  • Networking events

  • Churches

  • Conventions

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Commonthread is launching just in time for the holiday season. Goodbye awkward conversations with your weird uncle.

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