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A simpler, more transparent and locally exchangeable way to manage community-based upgrading projects.

Social sector practitioners can easily:​

  •  Gather community perspectives in one place

  • Build consensus of needs and match them up to project targets

  • Track and report progress in real-time

  • Discover nearby project teams, exchange knowledge and resources

  • Increase credibility with evidence-backed data

  • Link to funders already aligned with your mission 

Created for (and by) architects/engineers, NGOs, Community-Based Orgs (CBOs), as well as local governments, international agencies, impact investors and academia.   






Larger Outcomes


  • Raise the bar of community-based practices

  • Scale up local knowledge-sharing networks

  • Change how we evaluate 'social projects' in the built environment

  • Expand youth voices in local decision-making



Demo Release 0.2.9: Feb. 6, 2020

App Development Partners




And to feedback partners and contributors:

Instituto Elos 


Kounkuey Design Initiative

SAGA Collectif


Natalia Dulcey and Lomiteros Siloé

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Image: Natalia Dulcey

Project: School Building for the Indigenous Nasa in San José, Cauca, Colombia.

Organizations: Indigenous community Nasa, (Resguardo de Honduras) and Escuela para la Vida

Special thanks to the generous support of: